"I tried many drugs to get over the problem of my early ejaculation but they did not satisfy me completely. However, after taking DuraMale pills I am able to have sexual intercourse with my partner as long as I can and my sperm volume has also increased. Great product"

--Rudolf, Toronto


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I used to ejaculate a bit early and this left both of us unsatisfied. One of my friends suggested DuraMale herbal pills. I started taking these pills and was surprised with the results; my ejaculation time has prolonged and now my partner is very happy and satisfied with my love making.

Vincent, NY, USA

Premature Ejaculation today with DuraMale – A complete formula for “lasting Longer” and elevating your potency to the maximum!!

"After using DuraMale pills for overcoming my early ejaculation, I find increased sexual stamina and can last long enough in bed to make my wife happy."

- Jacob, Mexico

"I never used to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse with my husband as he used to ejaculate too soon. Om going through the internet, I came across DuraMale pills to control premature ejaculation. I ordered for them and today my husband can prolong his ejaculation and we are having a wonderful sex life thanks to your product which really works."

- Sarah Lee, Singapore

"I ordered DuraMale supplements an=yd I was surprised to receive the order well in time. I am very happy with the efficacy of your product and am going to reorder for some more bottles."

- Bob, Adelaide

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